Clearwater Training camp

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vlcsnap-2014-12-05-22h32m33s181 Finally on the water in Florida! We had a very successful training session with US Coach Luther Carpenter and many of the Canadian Sailing Team. This was a great opportunity to line up with four other teams all training for the same end result.


Although we share the same final result based goal as every other 49er team, it is becoming clear that we have an outstanding passion for sailing the 49er. That passion has already and will continue to prove very useful in this campaign.


The passion that gives energy to push through 24 hour boat deliveryvlcsnap-2014-12-05-22h35m28s147 missions – also gives us the energy to train for over five hours a day when other teams were at rest on the beach after two hours of training. Clearwater showed us a variety of conditions to continue developing techniques and tuning throughout the breeze and sea-state ranges.

Our approach to both technique and tuning development is to build upon a strong knowledge of how foils and sails react to gain a continuous understanding of how the 49er works throughout the full range of conditions. This is a much more profound approach than having a simple tuning chart and making changes because a coach or a chart said so.


This approach matches very well with Luther’s style, background, and approach. He will offer an adjustment to make and we will try it. Then we will all monitor the change to determine its effect on our performance. After sailing we will discuss each adjustment in detail with the help of video footage.


Hvlcsnap-2014-12-11-12h09m09s193ighly motivated training sessions like this will prove to be very important as this campaign moves closer and closer to next winters Olympic qualifying events in Florida!


AUTHOR - David Liebenberg