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  • America has never won a Gold Medal in the 49er.
  • America has not medalled in sailing since 2008.
  • America has not medalled in the 49er since 2000.
  • Oracle Team USA had only 2 American born sailors.
  • The Volvo Ocean Race is saturated with Non-Americans.


David and Dan will succeed. This is your chance to join them! David and Dan are the passionate, talented, unwavering competitors that, together, have built the team to bring back the Gold Medal.


Their experience in high performance boats and world-class programs is second to none. No other American team has the high level experience that David and Dan share.


Nearly five years of sailing together has created a balance of responsibility and a line of communication that is race proven in high performance boats like 18’ Skiffs and Melges 20s.


David’s tactical abilities and Dan’s ability to squeeze speed out of the boat will make them the leaders America needs to succeed.

Your contribution is initiating a radical change in America’s presence in the sport of sailing worldwide–a change that will benefit following generations of passionate and motivated young athletes. This change begins with America’s first Gold Medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


After winning the Gold, David and Dan will continue to represent the United States internationally at the highest level of the sport. Going forward with success in arenas like the Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup will secure David and Dan as more than consummate professional sailors. They will become leaders of the Sport of Sailing.


The next generations of American sailors already know very well who David Liebenberg and Dan Morris are. They are looked up to as role models, mentors, and a source of guidance as young American sailors begin to grow beyond their local youth program. David and Dan will be the American heroes that pay it forward to the up-and-coming athletes of tomorrow, by providing opportunities and sharing their experience.


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