David Liebenberg

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After growing out of prams, David was not sure where to go in sailing.  Sailing 420s was new, but not exciting.  One day his friend and fellow youth sailor, David Blackett, asked if he wanted to drive a 29er for him.  After the first ride David was hooked.  The realization that going fast was much better than going slow shaped the rest of his sailing career.  David excelled at this new high speed racing and over the next 4 years, went on to win three 29er National Championships and three North American Championships, as well as placing in the top 10 in the gold fleet in two 29er World Championships.


David recently graduated from Tufts University in Boston where he majored in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on entrepreneurial leadership.  On the Tufts Sailing Team, he honed his starting skills and short course tactics.  He was a captain of the Tufts team his senior year and lead the team to their first Collegiate Match Racing NationaDL_45  Upwindl Championship in 2012.


In the summer of 2013 he was the tactician of the American Youth Sailing Force, which was selected to represent San Francisco in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.


Calling tactics on 45s helped prepare himfor 49er sailing because it was short course racing with extremely high closing speeds.  This required good anticipation combined with quick decision making.


The experience he gained not only on the water, but helping to lead the team and run the youth AC campaign will be invaluable in this Olympic campaign.


David has worked extensively in sailmaking, rigging, and composites. He worked at Pineapple Sails the summers of 2010 and 2011, and at Easom Rigging and Racing the summers of 2012, 2013 and since graduation.    With his in depth knowledge of boats and their mechanics he is capable of fixing any failure that may occur during racing.





3rd 18 Foot Skiff International Regatta

2nd I-14 Nationals

3rd 49er Nationals

2nd Student Team EDHEC Intercollegiate Regatta

5th Overall Pacific Cup (Schumacher 46)

2nd Rolex Big Boat Series (J70)




5th Red Bull Youth America’s Cup




1st Collegiate Match Race Nationals

2nd New England Collegiate Match Race Championship

Pacific Cup (Class 40)




1st I-14 Nationals

1st New England Collegiate Match Race Championship

1st Overall Storm Trysail Offshore Intercollegiate Regatta




National Champion 2007, 2009, 2010

North American Champion 2008, 2009, 2010

Worlds Finishes 9th-2009, 5th-2010, 14th-2011









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