Sunrise Sailing

  |   Training

Working late into the night develSunrise Sailingoping tuning charts, building websites, and planning the upcoming stages of the campaign…we were ready to crash shortly after midnight. The plan was to get a full night’s sleep and have the standard Biscayne Bay training session: light air, powerboat chop, and hot sun!


Something compelled us to check the next day’s breeze forecast one more time…


Breeze on at 0700, peaking by 1000 hrs! The call was made instantly. Rise at 0530. Smash 10 eggs, a carton of cottage cheese, and a heap of coffee. Rig the boat, and be on the water as the sun rises above the low Florida tree line.


Biscayne Bay provided us with a variety of conditions, quickly building to enough breeze to get on two strings and even start depowering the rig! A sensation we have been dearly missing since leaving our beloved San Francisco Bay! We did most of our training at the South end of the Bay letting us finish our session with a fully powered six mile downwind rip back to the “mighty” Rickenbacker Causeway that separates our little boat park from Miami’s racing venue.


Nearly four hours of great training before the boaters of Biscayne Bay had even considered leaving their slip! We returned to the boat park for a day full of campaign work (the less enjoyable part of the campaign). We were very happy to hear from friends that conditions deteriorated throughout the day, and we had made the right call with the dawn session!


AUTHOR - Dan Morris