The Race Boat

  |   Training

Arriving i20141129_150637n Clearwater, FL on the last day of November after a red eye flight– We were expecting our new/used boat to be waiting for us at the Clearwater Community Sailing Centepackingr. To our surprise, the boat was still in Miami.


Day one of our winter season had thrown the first curveball of this campaign! An opportunity to test our commitment and build a little more character by grunting up and finding a way to make things happen!


We hustled  to find a tow vehicle and hit the highway to Miami within the hour. After a full day of driving, boat packing, problem solving, and more driving; we returned to Clearwater just before sunrise on the first day of December. The next days were spent rigging our boat that was provided with a broken headstay and damaged shrouds.


We were very fortunate to have friends in the women’s skiff class who happened to have a complete set of 49er shrouds. We were able to trade them our help and experience rigging for their set of shrouds! One of the beauties of our sport is how we all go out of our way to help each other out!


20141130_222024Robbie and Jill Daniel, as well as Kurt and Meka Taulbee are also great examples of how strong our community is. With very short notice Meka put us in touch with the Daniel’s of Red Gear Racing. They were very supportive, and helped us get the most out of our training in Clearwater!


After the first round of boat work, we finally hit the water for two very productive days of training with US Sailing Team Coach Luther Carpenter.

AUTHOR - David Liebenberg